Give children the chance to hide love in half

Give children the chance to hide love in half

Education of children should adopt the “Lion Parenting Law”.

The male lion and lioness are just standing beside the young lion, maintaining a relatively safe distance. As long as the young lion is not in danger of life, he will never acknowledge the helping hand.

  Adults can completely ignore certain “help signals” of children and consciously cultivate their independence.

However, neglect is not neglect. Parents must stick to the limits of safety.

  Hiding the love halfway down and putting it in his heart, let him eat a bit of “bitterness” and suffer a little “tired”, giving him a chance to grow.

  When it comes to coddling and interfering with the child’s growth and encountering a child’s fall, male and female teachers in kindergartens usually respond very differently.

  The male teacher will first determine whether the child is injured. If the child is safe, the male teacher will not rush to raise the child, but let him try to get up on his own. The female teacher will usually instinctively shout out, and thenRun over to help the child and comfort him.

If this happens at home, the reaction of the father and mother is basically like that of a male teacher or a female teacher.

  Yin Fengyun, head of the new kindergarten in Jinshui District, Zhengzhou City, said that there are similar things in life that are testing the wisdom of parenting.

For example, when children learn to eat, they often spill rice grains outside, and doting parents simply raise their bowls to feed them. Children jump around on the sofa. Some overly cautious parents are unwilling to analyze whether the environment is safe, soDivide indiscriminately, stop immediately.

  Yin Fengyun said that when children are toddlers, they will inevitably fall over, and smart parents will show disapproval because they know the child’s ability and hope to give him a chance to overcome himself. When the child tries to do housework, the firstWhen trying to do your own thing again, wise parents will pretend to be very ordinary, or praise in time, and will never sometimes help themselves because the child has not done well enough; when the child encounters difficulties, smart parentsWould say, “What do you think?

“Rather than saying,” You should be this way, or that way.

“Kaifeng City Basic Education Teaching and Research Office Liu Zhenmin’s teaching and researcher believes that parents can completely ignore some of their children’s” signs for help “, because excessive accommodation and spoiling their children will hinder their healthy growth and lead them to become dependent on others.

  Believe that children do not overtake children’s education. There is a view that educating children should adopt the “lion parenting method”.

  The newborn lion is often pushed down by the male lion, and then the young lion tries to climb up by himself.

The male lion and lioness just stood aside and kept a relatively safe distance. As long as the young lion was not in danger, he would never acknowledge the helping hand.

  ”As long as the child is in the safe zone, when he doesn’t need you, don’t see him; when he needs you, appear immediately.

Teacher Liu Zhenmin said that children are like cubs. They cannot survive under the care of their parents. They must enter the society and face and solve various problems by themselves. Some problems are that the parents have never encountered peace.Solved.

In the face of obstacles, we can’t avoid it, we can’t turn a blind eye, and we can’t assign a child to cross the obstacle instead of him.

  Liu Zhenmin said that raising children is actually very simple, just like a big lion raising a young lion.

Believe in your child’s desire to grow and your child’s self-awareness.

Only when children exercise constantly in adversity can they learn to be strong and learn to be independent.

The carefree lion cubs play and fight all day long. It is this kind of play, fights, and fights that have exercised their strong physique, flexible limbs, and also learned mutual tolerance and humility among groups., Mutual appreciation and help.

  Hiding half of love to give children a chance Of course, for children, they need love, and the love of parents will nourish them to grow up healthy.

The current child is not afraid of “no one loves” or is afraid of “excessive love”. Parents must learn to control their emotions, hide half of love, keep it in their hearts, and give the child the opportunity to overcome difficulties independently.Do what you can.

  Of course, the initial situation is that parents have a judgment on the safety of the environment and do not exceed the safety limit.

Ignore children, but don’t ignore children.

  No one can replace the growth of a child. The ups and downs of the future must be experienced in person, and the future road must also come out on its own.