Remove dark yellow skin whitening and rejuvenating meter


Remove dark yellow skin whitening and rejuvenating meter

The word “yellow face woman” is fatal to a woman, it does not mean that your skin is on the verge of “collapse”, and it also gives your youth a sign of rest.

Therefore, a woman, especially an Asian woman with a naturally yellow race, must first resolve the “dark yellow” face to seize the youth.

  Effective whitening products are mainly based on inhibiting the production of yellow melanin and promoting the metabolism of melanin and aging cells. In short, it is necessary to remove yellow before whitening.

Only by finding the basic problems of dark yellow, discovering the misunderstandings and omissions in the process of caring for your skin, and the key points of whitening, and applying the right medicine, can you really achieve the “brightness” of your skin and become a “yellow face woman”.


1 The main problem of aging type “aging yellow face” is because of the deposition of aging cells on the skin surface, so as long as these aging cells are removed, the skin can be whitened and transparent.

  Yellowing method: Marine pearls with special technology of marine pearls are a kind of natural and highly effective “de-yellowing” nutrient, which can inhibit melanin, gently remove aging cells, and make the skin moist, soft, smooth and white.

According to Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica” in the Ming Dynasty of China, “Pearl-coated surfaces can be amazingly good-colored and remove the surface (spots).

Do not.

2 Dry-faced yellow-faced women often have certain misunderstandings about whitening. It is believed that when it is hot, they need to remove oil and whiten, and moisturizing is superfluous.

In fact, whitening itself is a purification process. After the melanin is transferred from the epidermal cells, the skin surface becomes clean, and water and nutrients need to be added to protect it.

  Method for removing yellow: Bone collagen from the ocean is a good recipe for promoting whitening. It can maintain the nutrition required for whitening the skin, and can increase the skin’s elasticity and moisturization, making the skin white and transparent.


3 Sunburn type pair, you may have read it from the beauty book 100 times, but we still have to show: block UV rays and reduce the formation of melanin!

Therefore, no matter what kind of skin, if you want to whiten, you must do good sun protection.

  Method for removing yellow: Sunscreen SPF must be rubbed with an SPF formula-based lotion when you go out during the day. If you feel that the sunscreen product is uncomfortable, you can replace the lower SPF value, such as SPF15, if you do not exercise outdoors often,This effectively blocks most UV rays.


4 Have you thought about staying up late, and it may also be your life habits that affect your skin condition.

Often stay up late, and the rules of life are extremely abnormal, which may make you an uncompromising yellow-faced woman.

  Women who often stay up late can not only guarantee the sleep quality, but also directly lead to the decline of gastrointestinal function, which leads to the reduction of digestion and absorption. The direct consequence is that the skin cannot get enough nutrition, resulting in dull skin.
  Method to remove yellow: Early to bed and early to rise, the normal schedule is the most effective whitening method.

From 10 pm to 3 am, it is the time when skin metabolism is at its peak.

If you are still in a state of tension or excitement at this time, the skin’s vomiting and replenishing will be suppressed, and the toxin cannot be effectively discharged for a long time, which will make it obscure and yellow.

So try not to stay up late, but rather get up the next morning and continue working.

  There are several ways to make yourself sleep: take a shower 2 hours before going to bed, do not eat heavy food, do not do excessive exercise . In addition, drink a cup of hot milk before bed, eat bread or fruit, also help to fall asleep.


5 The “smoke pollution” of smoking cigarettes will cause the skin to generate a large number of free radicals, make the circulation of blood and lymph poor, skin toxins cannot be effectively discharged, it will cause yellowing of the skin color, and may also cause pigmentation.

  Method of removing yellow: The yellowed fingers and mottled tartar are the “sequelae” of the face left by smoking, so it is necessary to make the face bright, white and quit.


6 Stress type If your life, work, and emotional stress cannot be resolved for a long time, this psychological tension will directly affect the pararenal cortex hormones.

Pararenal corticosteroids have the ability to strengthen systemic resistance to combat psychological stress.

If the psychological stress can not be relieved for a long time, the secretory function of the pararenal cortex hormones will be reduced, and the skin will accordingly lose its resistance.It’s “dark yellow”.

  Method for removing yellow: Remove the “dark yellow” of your emotions to regulate your emotions. Don’t let the “can’t think” of all aspects of life destroy your mood, affect your quality of life, and affect your skin’s radiance.

There are many ways to reduce stress, for example: go to the gym to do some aerobics or yoga, watch movies, read books . try to find a decompression method that suits you, and you can restore fair skin.

  Recommendation 1: Pond’s net brightening set Recommended reason: This product is a special study of Pond’s, for MMs who want to go to Huang Meibai.

It contains marine pearl ingredients, which is a natural and efficient nutritional agent that can make the skin moist, soft, smooth and white.

The higher collagen can increase skin elasticity and moisturization, and continuously provide skin nutrition while retaining moisture.

Pond’s Brightening Purifying Whitening Toner, Whitening Lotion and Sunscreen Whitening Lotion contain whitening essence specially extracted from marine pearls, which can reduce dullness from the inside out; the marine collagen component can effectively supplement moisture, Moisturizing the skin, the sunscreen whitening lotion contains SPF15 formula, it feels moist and comfortable when applied, and protects the fair and tender skin and skin damage.   Recommendation 2: SKII Oil Control Conditioning Gel Recommended reason: The study found that the oil secreted by infant skin is clear and transparent, and the adult oil is turbid yellow because it contains a large amount of peroxidized free fatty acids and easily contains toxins.

This product of SKII does not regulate the “quantity” of oil secretion, but also hopes to improve the “quality” of oil.

  Recommendation 3: Vichy Double Whitening Series Set Recommended reason: This product can provide a combination of whitening and repairing programs from cleaning, conditioning, whitening and moisturizing, which can more quickly achieve the effect of eliminating pigmentation and even skin tone.

A whitening emulsion can prevent pigmentation caused by UV irradiation and prevent the formation of new spots.

When used together, they will achieve the most perfect whitening effect from the inside out.

  Recommendation 4: Xue Jingling’s flawless whitening moisturizing cream Dior Recommended reason: While controlling melanin to achieve whitening effect, it also moisturizes the skin.

Light and clear mouth fat content, contains and factors and shea butter, make the skin white and even, moisturize and nourish, the skin is highly moisturizing, soft and elastic, clear and bright.

  Recommendation 5: Lancome high-permeability whitening essence Recommended reason: The dual effect of licorice root extract plus gallic acid can not only inhibit the formation of tyrosine protease enzymes at the source of melanin pigment secretion, but also tyrosineEnzymes make it inactive, the skin inhibits the production of melanin, makes the skin more white and transparent, and can remove spots and yellow gas.