Decolonization: Feeling the Romance in Life

Decolonization: Feeling the Romance in Life

Prepare enough days, but ushered in a storm, many people are disappointed!

However, some people can actually short circuit on such days, and it is a real cliff in the rain. What is it like?

  At the beginning, Aite and Saina were walking on a cold windy street. At that time, Aite was still a garbage worker, and the baby girl Xena was abandoned in a trash can .From then on they lived together, and Aite would always take Senna wherever she went (even if she went to work), and they never separated.

  Art is a big bear. At the beginning of the story, he was busy preparing the speckled food the next day, and it was full of a large table.

Xena was a little mouse, she watched with interest aside, and reminded Aite, can so many things be eaten?

  When this pile of food was packed into the big Afghan pocket, it was Ait’s turn to worry, maybe there were too many things!

At this time, Senna dragged a big bag to the ground, and she was happy: Not too much!

  In the early morning of the next day, Senna got up, and rushed out of the bedroom and ran downstairs, but found that Ait sat helplessly in the living room, and the packed double room supplies were on the ground.

Ai sat in a chair, holding Xana’s hand, and solemnly told her: if you step on it, it won’t turn into rain!

  Sina was shocked. She turned over, climbed up to the windowsill, stood down, jumped back to the chair, and weeping on her stomach.

Aite comforted her in vain: Don’t do this, it’s not over yet!

Senna clutched her small retina suitcase, silently.

She turned away and never thought about Aitete again.

  Ate suddenly had a clever idea.

He bent down, stroked Senna’s tail and said, “What if it didn’t rain?”

Xena turned around, staring at her on tiptoe in the chair, and suddenly she was very happy: Yes, Aite, yes!

  They put on raincoats, put on rain boots, carried big bags and carried umbrellas.

Saina asked: Do you still need to wear a sun hat?

Aite said, of course!

They opened the door of the house, and the wind was pouring down with heavy rain, but Xana yelled happily: How good the sun you look at!

They stooped and walked on the street, and someone in the cafe looked strangely; they finally left the town and walked on the country road. A kind passerby blamed Aiter: You are crazy, this weather also bringsThis little guy is out!

However, Aet and Xena were completely unmoved. They danced in the rain while holding umbrellas and sang happily: it rained a lot, it fell on the street, it fell on the sidewalk, la la la, la la la. have we encountered similar situations in our lives and our children?

Obviously ready to do something that the child particularly desires, but blocked for one reason or another, then the child’s mood will really be as uncomfortable as “the sky has fallen”.

However, many adults cannot appreciate this feeling, and some eager parents even blame their children for “reasonably making trouble”.

  Ait Bear came up with such a brilliant and bold idea.

Look at Xana’s reaction at that moment: she joyfully looked up at Aite, full of admiration!

And Ait smiled proudly with his hands behind his eyes and closed his eyes, and he became a hero in the child’s heart!

He suddenly became so cute, like a naughty child.

In fact, in front of children, you can be just as cute, as long as you have an innocent childlike heart like Aite!

  The back story is interesting and romantic.

  Aite and Xena set up a small nylon tent in a forest, listening to the “click” sound of rain on the tent, while enjoying it comfortably.

  Suddenly, the owner of the tree appeared, and he angrily blamed the two guys who were allowed to break into other people’s territory.

  What about Ait and Xena?

Aite took off her hat aside, twisted her hands together, and looked at the other with a sincere smile; Senna was entangled in Aite’s vastness like a bird.

What would happen to the owner of the woods when he saw such a lovely couple?

  you guessed right!

He not only forgave Aite and Xana, but also became good friends with them, and accepted their invitation to enjoy transcendence together.

  See, the romance in life is often that simple!   ”Decolonization” is one of a series of stories on “Aite Bear and Xena Rat”. This book tells all the warm stories that happened between adults and children. All the stories have almost real prototypes in life.

“Decolonization” was actually implanted by the author, Gabrielle, based on the personal experience of her and her niece.

  Because of this, the real and delicate place in each picture in the book falls out of the emotional communication between adults and children.

In the book, although Aite Xiong is a representative image of an adult, he is very childlike and creative; although Xiao Sina is superficial and naughty, in fact, she is a kind and warm girl.

The two individuals are inseparable from each other, as Senna said to Aite: “What would you do without me?

“So many people use this set of books as one of the best books for emotionally educating children.

Of course, it is not just a single child who understands the true meaning of emotional blending.

It is precisely for this reason that this set of books is very suitable for adults and children to read in a shared way. The most interesting mode is role-based performance. If the father and daughter do this together, the effect is absolutely not goodLaw said!