Kindergarten issues need to be communicated in a timely manner

Kindergarten issues need to be communicated in a timely manner

Although the teacher of this garden did not hit the child in this incident, they did not behave enough to love the child, but also had the possibility of causing harm to the child. This made the parents very angry, did they abandon the house?Do you want to get this result?

  When Wen Na called the outreach teacher, she also made an appointment with the main teacher of Xiaoxiban.

When the sweet voice of the teacher in the main class came, Winna thought that parents might be more worried, but at the same time, she felt that parents would not lie. If those incidents really existed, the parents wouldn’t worry much.

So Wen Na said to the main teacher on the phone, “Don’t worry about it. In fact, it doesn’t matter much, just the mothers don’t understand.

“She wanted to consult her mothers, so she first asked about watching TV.

  The teacher in the main class said: “The TV was indeed watched, and the questioning mother explained it many times.

Because in the generation course, there are many ways to let children discover that there are many ways to explore an item.

For a glacier, the best way is to show your child that the glacier is somehow.

Due to limited conditions, there is no other way than to let children watch the glacier in the video.

Besides, in order to understand a race, watching TV is only a means, there should be no problems, and it will not cause harm to children.

Kindergarten watching videos is for exploring, not for fun.

Parents at home should guide their children to do what they should do, instead of watching the TV instead of interacting with the real thing. The child will feel uncomfortable if the child is not obedient, unwilling to give his heart to persist, and in turn accuse the teacher of showing the child a videoThis is also unfair.

Because the child is assisted by the kindergarten and the parents, parents need to cooperate with the kindergarten work at this time.

The teacher in the main class was justified. Since the teacher in the main class communicated with that parent, that parent should have understood it. Why should we ask these questions again?

So she asked the main teacher: “Did you say that to the mother who questioned?

The teacher must think: “I have explained it to her several times.

Wenna asked again: “What the mothers still don’t understand is why you have to prepare so much for your children and pull them out to prepare them. You feel that your children are punished.

The teacher in the main class said, “I took a vacation for a period of time. After I came back, I found that the previous good class status in the class was disrupted a lot. Some children’s behavior became very inappropriate. In order to reconstruct the principles for the children, it may be prepared at this time.Just a little more.

Winna felt that the teacher explained it very clearly, and there was nothing to change the principle for the child.

Based on their own understanding of education over the past few years, if a collective goes wrong, the team will return to a state of discipline, and it will certainly be overkill. This is a natural phenomenon of the human group.

Because human life is a changing process, it will not always be balanced, it will move when it is flat, and it will be quiet after it.

Children will do the same. The sudden departure of the main teacher, changes in the class, and the authority of the deputy main teacher may bring new feelings to the children. At this time, they will break the previous confusion and challenge the authority.

After the main teacher returns, it is normal to re-establish discipline.

However, Wen Na did not ask the teacher in the distance to ask another teacher to pull the child out. She felt that she was a little bit accused of this.

  She told the teacher in the main class, “I have one last question. In your kindergarten, does the teacher ignore the children when they bully each other?

“The teacher in the main class is a little anxious:” How can we ignore, if the children bully each other, it will have an adverse effect on the bully and the victim. In order for the children to achieve good development and to obtain physical health protection, we will treat the children carefullyOf every act.

Wenna said: “According to some parents, according to the teacher’s explanation, the child is bullied by the teacher regardless of the child’s ability to solve problems.

“The teacher in the main class said,” Oh, you are talking about Tong Tong. I have explained this to his mother.

His mother thought he was beating Tongtong, and Tongtong must be bullied every day.

In fact, Dudu is not a bully child, but he is now four years old. The four-year-old child has grown up a certain strength. In order to discover his strength, he will challenge every child he thinks is very powerful.

Sometimes he would grab a child’s toy suddenly in the class, or let another child listen to him. On several occasions, he made a beating action, but did not fight.

In this case, we will help him through this period, let him know how to show his strength, and also help other children how to get along with him. In fact, sometimes such a child suddenly appears in the crowd, and it will be given to the children.Brings a different understanding of others.

We will not let any child be bullied and hurt by other children.

We let the children solve the problems themselves, just let them learn to solve the problems that they can solve, and we will help if they can’t.

“Winna didn’t know that the problems that occurred between the children could be solved by themselves, and what could not be solved, but the teacher said so, and she could not question again, so she had to say goodbye to the teacher politely.

  Putting down the phone, Wen Na quickly reported on her computer the process of communicating with the main teacher just now, but no matter what she said, she would be more questioned by other parents.

She just thought that those reasons for being persuaded by the teacher were broken by more parents here. It seems that she can’t get things done.

At this time, Wen Na was informed that the garden was preparing to participate in the parents of her class. She also received a mobile phone notification and said that on Friday evening, please ask the parents to come to the garden at six o’clock, the main teacher, the education supervisor and the principalDiscuss these issues with you.  On Friday evening, she took Xiaoxi home and took it to her husband, and went to the garden to attend the meeting. The meeting was in the room where Wenna was consulting her child to worry about entering the garden.

  She likes this room, especially the beautiful New Zealand rug. The garden has prepared some fruits and cookies for parents. This is for parents who come directly from the unit.

This also makes Wen Na feel very warm, which was also the kindergarten teacher of Xiaoxi.

  Parents are coming one after another, and some parents are still very angry. Teachers are sitting on the parents’ side.

  At the beginning of the meeting, the principal stood in front of the blackboard and asked the parents to explain their doubts, and then she explained one by one, but the parents were silent in silence.

  The headmaster saw this situation and said to the teachers with a smile: “Otherwise, you should go back to the classroom to rest, and come back later when you need it.

“Parents laughed, and the teachers left with a smile.

Wen Na can understand that in front of the teacher, it is unbearable for the parents to vent their emotions or say a lot of things that are uncomfortable to the teacher, and let the teacher leave the parents to speak freely.

Sure enough, as soon as the teacher left, there was a parental ranking immediately. The problem was very acute, because with emotion, it caused the vertical to condense immediately. The problems that were refined were those that Wen Na knew.

The principal wrote all the questions asked by the parents on the small blackboard in front of them, and then answered them one by one.

Regarding too many things for the child to prepare, the principal said that the teacher in the same class as the main class teacher, because the main class teacher took a temporary vacation, there were some changes in the alternation of the class.Affects every child.

Some children laughed formally in the morning circle, did not take off their shoes when they were on the carpet, and intentionally shook their heads and laughed when telling stories.

Of course, the child’s behavior is due to the teacher’s lack of experience, which leads to some improper educational behavior.

  Upon hearing this, Winna remembered that the principal had taught a class, and that class was about an education mistake made by an adult that would cause behavior problems for children.

There is a film appreciation.

What happened to a kindergarten in a movie that impressed Wen Na very much.

In class, the teacher asked the child to imitate an animal, and other children guessed the name of the animal.

A little girl came up to imitate a peacock, and the children below smiled attentively, and everyone was proud to guess the peacock.

  At this time, the teacher in charge of the class was interested, and she wanted to show the children a gorilla to let the children guess.

I saw her eyes wide, dressed in dark clothes, her mouth like a gorilla, her tongue stretched out, and she walked towards the children with her hands and teeth.

Originally, the orangutan looked a bit like a demonized person. By being learned by a teacher, children may think of the devil in the myth, one by one, exposing fear and fear.

After this class, the children began to show violent behavior, attack each other, and fight . The director of the lecture said at the time: “If the environment is dangerous, serious, and there is no one to help the child, the child will find a way to protect himself, The way they think of is naive for adults, for example: they show their strength by bullying children who are weaker than themselves.

That’s the case of the little boy in the movie who grabbed someone else’s gun and tried to reach out to hit the girls who had shrunk in the corner.

The teacher’s performance scared the children and felt dangerous, so one night, all the children united to tie her up while the teacher was asleep. The children said that she was a monster and could eat people.

“That lecture let Wen Na know that when children behave misbehaving, adults need to check themselves. What is done improperly and cause children to misbehave.

For example, at that time, the teacher told everyone that the children in a class were very hot recently, and the teachers were puzzled. Why did the children suddenly show inappropriate behavior, scolding, and fighting . Later, I went to the class and observed it.After the work area, there are two areas where the placement is problematic: when children who play comprehensively need large blocks, they have to run through almost the entire classroom to get the blocks, and when they cross the classroom, they have to pass through the doll area and kickThe dolls in the doll area make the children who work deeply unable to work at ease.

A few weeks later, the original calm and beautiful level in this classroom was disrupted.

  What happened to the behavior problems of the children in Xiaoxiban this time?

The principal said: “The problem this time was because the main class teacher was on vacation and the deputy main class teacher was not ready to take over the power and mentality of the main class teacher. The children lost their cohesion and began to challenge authority.

Just a few older children took advantage of this opportunity to discover their own power and began to explore it. So they challenged every day and annoyed other children, and they gained a sense of accomplishment themselves.

  ”At this time, the deputy main class teacher did not experience this situation, and did not arrange the power in time to balance the state of the class. He just paid attention to the process every day, but caused confusion.

After the main class teacher returned, in the face of this chaotic situation, in order to restore the normal level as soon as possible, construct principles for the children, it is inevitable to rush.

For this reason, the parent’s guest day, the child’s misbehavior caused the whole class to get out of control.

The teacher took the child to prepare without notifying the child in advance, and told the deputy head teacher aloud at a distance, which was wrong.

However, I hope parents understand that teachers are also human beings. They often have places where they can’t do well, and they are also growing up. We just ask teachers to make fewer mistakes and get them in place.

Our teachers and principals need to be promoted, and everyone needs to be promoted.

Wen Na felt that the attitude of the headmaster was acceptable to the parents. In fact, the parents did not require the park to do everything perfectly, but just before they came to this kindergarten, the kindergarten gave them the perfect feeling.

But think about where there are perfect kindergartens in this world?

The parents with Wen Na have not experienced other kindergartens, and some have not even visited other kindergartens. They just came here when they heard that it is good, so in their imagination, it should be perfect.

  As far as Winna is concerned, every kindergarten has its shortcomings, and teachers also have different levels of skills. The so-called advanced educational concepts that were later recognized by the world were initially implemented only by some childcare workers. Presumably there were some in the process.There is not enough place to do more, just that people do not have so many perfect requirements for kindergartens.  Regarding the problem of children bullying each other, the principal’s explanation was similar to that of the teacher that day, but she repeatedly pointed out that parents should be arranged to trust this kindergarten and the teacher, otherwise the parents’ mistrust would cause a very bad foundation, Teachers will also use too much carbon dioxide to appease parents.

  The principal said, “After all, we are raising children. This is a kindergarten, not a parent school. What we can do is to join hands with parents to help children develop, not to use our power to care for parents.

If we can arrange one open day a month, everyone may not have so many doubts, but there are five days a week. If one day the parents come, the child will hope that the parents will come in the next few days.

More importantly, we are not in class. The teacher ca n’t organize the children in the classroom to listen to the teacher ‘s class or show to the parents. The children are working freely. If the parents sit there, the children will not go to work.Going to find your parents, parents ca n’t see the normal state of the child, so the parents ‘open day is not meaningful, it will only bring adverse effects to the child.

She also said: “Everyone must believe that there are still trusted people in this world, or that someone is willing to do things for the children in good faith, run a kindergarten suitable for the children, or that someone will be like the parents of the childrenLove children the same way.

“Winna thought it sounded good, but it could be spoken by any kindergarten teacher.

Trust takes time. It also requires some events.

These recent incidents have left parents unable to trust, and in addition to the terrible information about kindergartens heard from the community, it is common for parents to feel worried.

Parents have concerns about the park to resolve their concerns. In such interactions, parents will slowly trust the kindergarten.

  After all the questions were answered, the teachers were called over to communicate with each parent about the situation of each child. The parents were anxious to learn about their situation in the kindergarten. The teachers were anxious to describe the atmosphere of their children to the parents.Full of joy.

  This time, parents will feel that Winner ‘s kindergarten work is actually very interesting. People who work here should have a great sense of accomplishment. This is a bit like surfing, thrilling again and again, and breaking through again and again.If you have the ability, you will surface, re-board the surfboard, and continue to glide, it must be extremely happy.

Wen Na wants to do such work if she has a chance in the future, not to make money, but to feel this way.

  When a child’s wisdom grows up to a certain time, due to a certain awakening, there will be exploration to win sympathy.

Some children are fine in the garden all day, but when they see their parents, they hum and say a lot of things that make parents sad.

Many parents are controlled by their children in this way. At the beginning, the child just said some simple bad news. When it is found that it can get the attention of the parents, the child will make up for their own intelligence in this regard and create a variety ofComfortable.

Therefore, parents must pay special attention when dealing with these issues.

Think about how your response will be the most beneficial and helpful for your children, instead of immediately suspecting that the teacher cares for all your children, but you do n’t take good care of your children.

  In fact, parents will encounter a lot of doubts when children are in kindergarten. Parents must distinguish that the situation is caused by their own problems, such as their own anxiety, and refuse to trust others; in some cases, kindergarten is reallyNot good enough to communicate.

If it is your own problem, you have to find a way to solve it yourself or to replace it with external forces.

If it is a kindergarten problem, it is necessary to communicate in a timely manner.

Don’t let your heart get worse and worse in your heart, and finally affect your children.