Safety details for baby winter clothing


Safety details for baby winter clothing

In 2014, there were several security accidents caused by scarves. A few days ago, there was another accident of “girls playing with slide scarves hanging to death”.

This also sounded the alarm for us once again, dressing the baby in winter, in addition to keeping warm, we should also pay attention to some safety details.


Don’t wear a rope on the top: It is better not to choose clothes that have a rope on the neckline and hoodie to prevent them from being caught.

If you have already bought such clothes, tie the rope and tie it, and don’t let the rope hang down long.

  Zippers: Many coats and cotton coats in winter are provided with zippers. When choosing this kind of clothes for children, it is best to choose a zipper that does not pull all the way to the top of the clothes, so that it is easy to pinch the child’s chin.

And the top of the zipper is chin, the metal is very cold in winter, it will make the baby feel uncomfortable when touching the skin, and some zipper may scratch the child’s chin.

  Buttons and decorative buttons: Clothes with buttons and decorative buttons should be re-tightened after purchase to prevent the buttons from being replaced by children.

  Cuffs: It is better to have elastic bands on the cuffs of your clothes to keep warm, but you should pay attention that the elastic bands should not be too tight, otherwise it will pinch your baby’s wrist and affect blood circulation.

Some parents like to bring cuffs to their babies, and they should also pay attention to the problem of elastic bands.

  Length of clothes: If you are worried about your baby being frozen, you can wear cotton and cotton pants instead of expecting a long cotton to keep your lower body warm.

If the clothes are too long, your baby will not be able to move easily and will easily trip over and fall over.


Pants Pants length: Do not cover the feet with the length of the pants, otherwise the baby will be tripped and fall down.

  Zipper: It is best not to choose a zipper for baby’s pants, because you may pinch your baby’s chicks if you are not careful.


Shoes, socks, shoes size: Do not wear too small shoes for your baby, shoes are too small and too narrow, tightly cover the baby’s little feet, resulting in poor blood circulation of the little feet and easy to get cold.

Do n’t wear too big shoes for your baby. The shoes are too big for the baby to walk steadily and fall easily, which will affect the walking posture of the baby who has just learned to walk.

  Sole: Don’t buy shoes that are too hard in winter. It is easy to slip on these shoes in rainy or snowy days.

Also don’t buy shoes with plastic soles, as plastic will harden due to low temperatures in the winter and it is also not safe.

  Socks: When wearing socks for your baby, be careful not to over-tighten the socks. The over-tight socks will pinch your baby’s ankles, so that blood cannot reach the feet smoothly, so local blood circulation will be impaired and the feet will be reduced.It is more likely to cause frostbite.


Scarf length: The scarf of your baby should not be too thin or too long. Such a scarf is like a thin string, which is easy to pinch your neck, and your baby’s neck is short. If the scarf is too long, the number of turns will increase.Comfortable.
  Style: Do not choose a scarf with pompoms, small buckles and other decorations, otherwise it will be easily pulled down by the baby, or even eaten by mistake.

  The old Chinese medicine reminds parents that in the cold winter, the baby wears uniforms. When buying clothes for the baby, be sure to pay attention to these safety details, and do not let the baby be harmed by these details.