Let go of your child

Let go of your child

Let’s look at two examples first.

  Example 1: A little boy was sent to a boarding school.

On the first day, he shouted to go home. He was in the classroom, and his mother was teaching to shed tears.

Picking up on Friday, the child said that he would never go to school again, and even threatened: “Send me there again and I will commit suicide.

“My mother relented, so she asked someone to discuss whether to change to a non-hosting school.

Others advised her not to be too distressed by the child to retreat, but to educate the child to learn from other children, once you get together, you will get used to it.

Parents insisted on sending the child on Monday. Although the child was crying, it was much better to see the teacher.

When I pick it up on Friday, my mood is almost normal.

After one month, the children are always happy to go to school.

If the parent is out of distress, what will happen to the child?

  Example 2: A young and famous scholar, recalling his growth path, said: My family is near the sea, I have a difficult life at an hour, and only went to elementary school at the age of 9.

When he was 5 years old, he started to fight pigweed and helped raise chickens and pigs at home.

I often get up at 4 in the morning to “catch Xiaohai”, pick up the goods and sell them on the free market.

It was the hard life when I was a kid that tempered my will and learned the truth about life.

After I entered the school, I cherished my time and worked hard, and my grades were very good, until I graduated from college and studied abroad and got my doctorate degree.

  There are many such examples, reminding me of a famous saying from Mencius: “The sky will descend to the people of Sri Lanka, and they must first suffer their minds, strain their bones, starve their bodies, empty their bodies, and disturb their actions.”.
So even patience, gain what it can’t.

The meaning of this passage is: To make a person carry a heavy load, his body and will must be tempered, his muscles and bones strained, his stomach and stomach slightly pained, his body feel empty and tired, and heThe purpose of doing things can not be easily achieved, this is to stimulate his ambition, hone his patience, and enhance his various skills.

  Why is tempering so important to human growth?

  Tempering must face all kinds of difficulties and setbacks, and to work hard to overcome them requires both physical and mental effort.

In this process, you will realize the basic principles of being a person. Without struggle and hard work, you will not succeed and you will not move forward.

Being a person cannot always be easy and smooth.

As the ancient poem wrote: “The fragrance of plum blossoms comes from bitter cold.

“Training must face reality, practice in depth, and solve one specific problem after another. It requires both knowledge and ability.

In practice, many things you do n’t know are known, and many things you wo n’t do will be done.

Knowledge has increased, and so has its skill.

As the ancients said: “The paper will eventually feel shallow, and we must know that we must kneel.

“Many of our parents have read Comrade Mao Zedong’s” On Practice, “a philosophical classic about the nature of practice.

Re-reading “On Practice” is also very helpful for us to educate our children.

  Why do some parents know in their hearts that tempering is necessary for their children, but rarely give them the opportunity to temper?

  The first is to distress the child.

Love can’t love too much, how can you let your children suffer.

This is what we call “emotion dilutes reason.”

In addition, parents are often worried that their children will go away from themselves to exercise, fear of getting sick, and fear of danger.

A primary school in Tianjin took third-year students to a military camp in Yuanjiao County to train, without telling parents the specific location in advance.

But two days later, parents watched their children with food.

What is the expression of the child?

Try to restrain the emotions of your father and mother, and say to your parents, “How embarrassing you are to go back quickly!”It seems that children are willing to participate in the collective exercise.

  There are many ways of tempering. In addition to the tempering summer camps, winter camps, and social practices organized by schools and social groups, trekking, mountain climbing, regular sports activities, difficult labor, independent handling of problems, and persistence in self-care will make children temper.

The key is parental awareness and determination.

  Here, a paragraph from the famous scholar and literary scholar Mr. Zhu Ziqing was given to the parents: “To let the children run on the right path, we must not keep them like chickens under the wings of old hens, that will be lifeless.