3 skincare diets for supple skin

3 skincare diets for supple skin

In the dry season, do not neglect your diet and cause pale and yellow skin and dry skin.

In order to change the adverse phenomenon of women’s skin in sensitive seasons, we should first start with diet conditioning.

See how you need to eat and drink in order to make the food brighter.

  Vegetable oil: maintaining skin elasticity is essential for maintaining skin cell tissue.

This refers to the phospholipids in the cell membrane, which play a role in protecting cells and ensuring internal communication.

Therefore, you can eat vegetable oil (rapeseed, grape kernel .), its fatty acids can ensure cell maintenance and metabolism.

Some of these fatty acids also supplement the cells’ lubricating oil, so they limit water loss and prevent dry skin.

If fatty acids are essential, it is because our skin does not make this substance ourselves, like plants.

Therefore, you can only consume edible vegetable oils (sunflower, soybean .) or oil crops (walnut, almond .) and even cod liver oil (after refining).

One last point: oil is also rich in vitamin E.

It can bring double benefits to the skin: guarantee good hydration and delay skin aging.

  Water: Eliminating toxins and drinking water may be preliminary anti-aging expectations.

In the body, water is responsible for transporting useful substances (nutrients, hormones .) and excluding garbage from the body.

Lack of water will disturb the balance of the body and of course affect the balance of the skin.

When the water supply is insufficient, the skin cannot block the impurities in the air (such as ultraviolet rays, smoke, etc.).

Therefore, it is very important to use a variety of water (soda, mineral water, tea, flower tea, etc.) in small quantities and multiple times, at least 1 per day.

5 liters.

Among them, tea is particularly beneficial to the skin because it is rich in phenol (an antioxidant compound that can resist the erosion of free radicals on cells)!

However, do not drink too much tea, otherwise it will disturb sleep and destroy the stability of iron in the body.

  Vitamins A and B: Make your skin glow. Liver, nuts, eggs, cheese, whole milk and non-skimmed dairy products are all important sources of vitamin A. It can slow down aging and maintain skin elasticity.

In addition, beer yeast, liver, kidneys, eggs, meat, and black beans are also rich in vitamins B5, B6, and B8.

Vitamin B5 is often included in cosmetics because it helps to maintain and repair skin and hair.

Vitamins B6 and B8 help regulate sebum secretion and are very effective for the treatment of oily skin.

  Vinegar soy beans: Take 250 grams of fresh soybeans, soak them in vinegar for 15 days, and chew about 10 capsules a day to make the skin tender and lighter in color.

Efficacy: Vinegar beans contain phospholipids and a variety of amino acids, which can promote the metabolism of skin cells and reduce cholesterol, improve liver function and delay aging.

  Grape juice practice: 100 grams of grapes, 5 grams of sugar, 60 ml of cold water.

Wash the grapes, remove them one by one, stir with water and sugar, and remove the residue.

Efficacy: Grape juice is rich in vitamins and niacin, which has the effect of strengthening the body. It is an autumn health and beauty product.

  How to cook lemon with black beans: Cook black beans with water and soften them, add soy sauce and lemon slices, and eat.

Efficacy: Intake of vitamin B by black beans can improve the metabolism of skin cells.

And lemon has the same effect.

  According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, “Yin in spring and summer nourish yin, winter and autumn nourish yin, four seasons regulations, each has its own weight”, autumn should also be more important than nourishing yin and protecting the sun. Generally speaking, it is best to choose lotus seed porridge and wolfberry porridge in autumn, Milk porridge and eight-treasure porridge, etc., you can also eat some warm tonic cattle, sheep, dog meat and the like to nourish yin and yang, warm blood and enhance physical resistance, thereby moisturizing the viscera, beauty skin care effect.