If you want health and beauty, you can eat coarse grains

If you want health and beauty, you can eat coarse grains

In this big age of health, the benefits of eating coarse grains have been recognized by most people.

But don’t think that eating coarse grains means drinking multi-grain porridge, eating boiled oatmeal, baking corn cobs and sweet potatoes.

In fact, different people, the choice of coarse grains and the cooking methods are all particular about, otherwise, eating coarse grains will not only fail to achieve the expected health effects, but may also endanger health.

How should different groups choose coarse grains?

Should I use some kind of cooking method?

  How much do you know about coarse grains?

  Mainly include cereals: millet, rhubarb, sorghum, coarse rice, various wheat and its products (barley, wheat, whole wheat flour, oatmeal, buckwheat flour), mixed beans (red adzuki bean, mung bean, broad bean, Peas, can also include lotus seeds, barley, etc.), potatoes (potatoes, yam, taro, sweet potatoes, purple potatoes, etc.) and corn.

  How do different people eat?

  As long as the amount of coarse grains eaten every day is not particularly large, the choice of coarse grains is not too taboo, but there are still some pay attention to the choice of types and cooking methods for different populations: 1. Amy’s ladies focus on choosing millet and rice,Black rice, purple rice and other high iron-containing coarse grains, average, red beans, barley kernels, lotus seeds and other spleen and dampness can also be eaten often.

  You can drink a certain kind of cereal together to make a multi-grain porridge to drink. If you occasionally add ingredients such as red dates, wolfberry, and white fungus, it will be more effective, beauty and beauty, and drink a good complexion.

  2. The digestive function of the elderly and children is relatively weak. You can choose more millet and yellow rice, and less starch beans. Other types can be eaten properly, but the thickness and thickness should not be more than half.

  You can choose several cooking methods to make rotten porridge or beat rice paste with a soymilk machine, which is good for digestion and absorption.

Together with flour, it is also a good choice to make multi-grain buns or cakes.

(If there is no problem with blood glucose control for the elderly) 3, young people such as men have strong metabolism and strong digestive function. You can choose starch beans, oats, barley, flour rice, sorghum rice, sweet corn, etc.food.
  Because they consume relatively large amounts of energy, it is also possible to cook with the right amount of nuts such as peanuts and walnuts.

Coarse-grain rice can be modified in the cooking method, and there is no need to pursue softness.

  4, the three high-weight people who need to control weight. Some people choose the same ingredients as those in the third category, but don’t add nuts anymore, because they have the need to control energy.

  Especially for diabetic patients, the cooked multi-grain porridge must not be soft and rotten, otherwise it is very unfavorable for blood sugar control, and the amount of sweet corn and sweet potatoes should be strictly controlled.

Of course, you ca n’t eat it because it ‘s coarse grains, otherwise it will only cause adverse reactions.

  The above are some of the “exquisite” aspects of eating coarse grains in several groups of people.

In fact, for each of us to eat coarse grains, we should abide by the following two principles: eat gradually and eat with thickness, and try to increase the amount of drinking water as much as possible.

Only in this way can coarse grains truly escort our health.