[How to fry scallop meat is delicious]_How to fry_How to fry

[How to fry scallop meat is delicious]_How to fry_How to fry

If you want to fry the carp meat at home, you must pay attention to soaking it with hay first, so that all the sand particles can be spit out, and then you can use some seasoning to stir fry together.This small amount of attempts is still made by stir-frying, because this way, some nutrients contained in the flower nails will not be lost.

The clam is a very cheap seafood, and the affordable clam can also cook delicious dishes!

Ingredients: flower clams: a bowl of seasoning: salt, ginger, garlic, cooking wine, spicy sauce, sesame oil, chives, each appropriate amount Detailed methods: 1. Add clams to the flour and add a few drops of sesame oil, and cultivate it for half a daySediment 2, hot oil, savory ginger, garlic, and scallion white 3, add spicy sauce and stir-fry 4, add flower clam 5, add cooking wine 6, stir-fry until the flower clam is all open, add salt and section, then you can cook in the kitchenTips: 1. If you don’t like spicy, you can keep the spicy sauce.

2. If the clam is open, it means that it is cooked[7].

Clam porridge ingredients: 10 clams, 150 grams of rice (preferably Northeast rice), 20 grams of shredded ginger, 1 teaspoon (5ml) of water, cooking oil, appropriate amount of salt, and appropriate amount of spring onion.

Method: 1. Soak the clams in salt water for more than 2 hours in advance (you can also put an appropriate amount of sesame oil in the water), let it spit out the sand, and clean the surface of the clams with a brush.Soak the salt and cooking oil for 30 minutes. The oil added during the soaking will fuse with the porridge during cooking. Don’t worry about greasy. If you break the rice with a blender in advance, the porridge will be more delicate and sticky.Put enough water, about 2000ml, add boiling rice and boil after boiling, cover with low heat and keep the porridge slightly boiled for about 40 minutes, pay attention to stirring frequently to avoid the porridge sticking to the pot, also pay attention to porridge overflow3, add the washed fresh clams and ginger shreds to the cooked white porridge, turn to high heat and boil, turn off the fire after the clams are opened, and season with a small amount of salt(You don’t need to add salt).

4, sprinkle the appropriate amount of spring onion after the porridge.

Loofah clam ingredients: clams, loofah, salt, wine, pepper, shallots, ginger.

Method: When reforming, try to put the salt last, otherwise the loofah will turn black and affect the appearance.

1. The clams are infested with water, and the water is changed N times, and then washed and washed.

2. Loofah is peeled off, the green onion is cut into fines, and the ginger is cut into small roulades.

3. Cut the loofah into large pieces.

4. Heat the oil in the pan over medium heat.

5. When it is cooked to 50% heat, add the onion ginger and stir-fry, then add the clams.

, 6, drizzle with Shao wine, 7, stir fry for a while, cover and cover for two minutes.

8. Open the clams.

9, add loofah and stir fry for one minute.

Sprinkle salt and pepper before seasoning, you can use water starch to make a thin bun[8].