Psychologists recommend: 19

things that will help you be happy

Psychologists recommend: 19 things that will help you be happy

Recommended by psychologists: 19 things that make you happy, try it!


Take a few photos a day. Psychologists recommend that you use the camera to take pictures of people and things around you, such as trees outside the window, roadside flowers, weddings of children and friends of neighbors.

Record these moments that may be forgotten at any time. When you organize photos from time to time, you will find all the details are good memories, there is nothing to repeat, so people will easily become happy.


Watch a sad movie Watch a sad movie, such as “When a man falls in love with a woman”, when you can’t help yourself, you might as well cry out in distraction, then comfort yourself and say that this is just the plot of the movie, not realLife will change a lot.

This is a method of inverse thinking, often used in psychology, to help people think differently about the problem.


Many capable housewives daydreaming on the early morning of the weekend will start from early in the morning on Saturday and do non-stop chores such as cleaning the house and cleaning the toilet.

Such habits often make people tired on Saturday nights and affect Sunday sleep.

May wish to put aside the trivial chores and have a beautiful daydream in the early morning of the weekend.

Don’t blame yourself, but encourage yourself to say, “I work so hard and squandering my rest time is understandable.


Write regular emails and friends who have known you for many years to keep in regular contact by email.

Those who have the habit of writing diaries, just graffiti or scribble on the paper, can reflect the mental state of the subconscious, and the same is true when writing emails.

And regular emails with friends to talk about your recent life can not only help you relax your heart, but also help you pick up the indifferent friendship.


Studies have shown that walking on the water’s side, because people are exposed to amniotic fluid in their infancy, they are inherently hydrophilic.

Walking on the water’s edge can effectively help people relax and even worry about it. In the environment with green trees and flowing water, you can temporarily put aside everything and “steal” for yourself at an instant.


Occasionally eating a great meal The beauty of a great meal is that you can even enjoy delicious food and make you feel special.

When people are taken care of differently from others, their mood will unknowingly improve.

We may have experienced something like this in the hours: When your parents deliberately bought you a beautiful bowl different from other children, you will happily eat more food than usual, and even do not likeThe food also became “cute”.


Make nail art once a week. When you see your long, dirty and severe nails, no one will feel good.

Doing nail art once a week can make your nails look more and more tidy and beautiful, and can also make you have the satisfaction of “everything under control” and people become suddenly bright.


Although participating in group activities is one of the ways to regulate your mood, don’t waste your rest time and allocate a part to group activities.

Mountain climbing, outings, conflicts, parties, song clubs . Encourage yourself to actively participate in group activities, and you will find strength to be strong and peaceful in common play.


Swimming on a regular basis Swimming is one of the most exhausting sports, but this exhausting activity can cause people to worry and stretch their bodies.

It is also good to choose a person to swim, surrounded by the water, even the bad mood can be softened.


When driving, singing loudly in a bad mood, turn on the radio on the car, adjust the volume to sing along with the melody playing inside, you don’t need to care about other people’s eyes.

Maybe you are a bit silly in the eyes of others at this time, it is indeed a good way to let people release their mood quickly.


While drinking coffee, reading novels, pick a famous cafe, bring a novel that has most interested you recently, choose a place by the window, sit down to order a cup of coffee, and read while drinking . Yes,This is a “petty bourgeoisie” shot that often appears in movies.

But what does it matter? Let yourself experience the romantic shots only in movies, and you will also be affected by the blow and get real relaxation and enjoyment.

Send a card to a friend and choose 10-15
unique cards, take care of them in your bag, wait for the bus, queue up for checkout, and wait for someone to come up with a written phrase, such as “miss you””May your mood be as bright as the weather today”, “Be sure to be happy”, “Remember the days when we went to college” and so on, and then mail it to your friends.
When all the cards have been written one by one and mailed out, you will have a seductive smile from your heart when you think of the surprise expression when your friends receive the card.

  For the other 7 habits, try -13 from now on.

Wear bright, bright clothes every Monday morning.


Graffiti while calling.

Occasionally eat one of the most expensive cakes or chocolates, and save the price tag and box.


Sing while bathing.


Wear underwear that makes you feel most comfortable.

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Have regular nightlife.

Sprinkle some dried fruit on the yogurt.