22-month-old baby eats melon seeds and chokes, causing choking and gasping

22-month-old baby eats melon seeds and chokes, causing choking and gasping

Last night, a 22-month-old baby in Liaoyang accidentally got a throat from eating seeds at home, and his family drove from Liaoyang to Shenyang for emergency treatment.

  The traffic police in Shenyang and the hospital opened the “green channel” after knowing the situation, which provided precious time for the rescue of the children.

At present, the child’s condition is stable.

  At 16:30 yesterday, Zhang Hanshuo, a 22-month-old who lives in Hongwei District, Liaoyang City, played at home. His grandmother fed his little grandson to eat pumpkin seeds as usual. As a result, the child talked while eating, and accidentally stuck his throat. He had a cough and was struggling.Case.

  ”As soon as the child gasped, he murmured.

Said the child’s grandma.

  The child’s grandfather said, “It was all covered at that time, and his grandmother went out with the living expenses of more than 500 yuan at home, and didn’t even bring his mobile phone.

Later, his brother’s phone was used to contact the son, and the son hurried to contact the Shenyang traffic police for help.

“” Thank you very much to the traffic police and hospital in Shenyang.

“The grandfather said,” At that time, I was in the middle of the evening rush hour in Shenyang. Thanks to the traffic police opening the road, we got to the hospital in an accelerated time.

“Dr. Sun of the Department of Otolaryngology of Shengjing Hospital Affiliated to China Medical University said that from the CT film, the foreign body was falling into the bronchus.

First, you need to be admitted to the hospital, and then your child will be operated on to remove the foreign body.

  ”If it falls a little further and the foreign matter enters the left lung, the child will be in danger.

Said the child’s father, Mr. Zhang.

  Later Mr. Zhang called and said that the child had completed the operation and the foreign body was successfully removed.