[How to make crispy pancakes with whole grains]_ making method _ practice Daquan

[How to make crispy pancakes with whole grains]_ making method _ practice Daquan

Multigrain pancakes in Shandong are famous snacks all over the country. The outer skin is a very special existence. The taste is very crisp. For many people who like to eat multigrain pancakes, its crispy skin is also a place to attract them.

However, street foods are unhealthy in our conventional wisdom, and some street vendors can be assured of their hygiene, but in the eyes of parents, this is not enough, so there are some tips when making multigrain pancake crisps at home.

There are a variety of raw materials for pancakes. Millet, corn, sorghum, rice, etc. are generally used, and several raw materials can also be mixed and used.

What they have in common is that they must use pancake dumplings, heat over fire, then rub a layer of oil before making pancakes.

First, scrape the pancakes.

Adjust the fine flour into a paste, scoop it on the ladle with a spoon, and spread the batter with a smooth bamboo chip.

When the perimeter is rolled up automatically, just lift it.

The characteristics of shaved pancakes are thin, crisp, crisp, and best served cold.

Second, roll pancakes.

Combine the noodles into dough, roll on the rice dumplings, and stick the dough on the rice dumplings for a long time with the heat of the rice dumplings, turning into pancakes.

Roll pancakes are soft, and roasted hot when served.

Third, spread pancakes.

Soften the raw material (if it is corn, break the corn with sorghum rice), then grind it on the mill and spread it.

There are two types: 1, sweet pancakes, which are spread immediately after grinding the paste; 2, sour pancakes, which need to wait for the fermentation of the paste, and then spread it when it is slightly sour (especially to aid digestion).

Also use a spoon to put the paste on the dumpling, and use a T-shaped dragger to start from the middle and spread across the circle.

Stuffed pancakes have the advantages of both shaved pancakes and roll pancakes. They can be eaten cold, grilled, or soaked in boiling water. They are especially delicious.

Fourth, date pancakes.

The jujube is cooked, peeled, pitted, and mixed into dough or paste, and then pancakes are rich in nutrition and soft and sweet.

Five, dish pancakes.

Stuffing: Leeks, eggs, and tofu are fried together.

The new pancakes are folded in half, and the filling is added in half, and then folded (equivalent to stuffing), and then folded in two, and a small amount of excess is used in the pan, which is a vegetable pancake.