Anti-aging foods eat once 10 years younger (2)

Anti-aging foods eat once 10 years younger (2)

Anti-aging food: The most skin-care effect of grapes is grape seed.

Grape seed has super strong antioxidant capacity, 50 times that of vitamin E, can delay aging, maintain skin health, prevent ultraviolet rays from invading the skin, prevent arteriosclerosis, and is also known as skin vitamin. Grapes also contain flavonoids.A powerful antioxidant that fights aging and removes free radicals from the body.

  Anti-aging foods: Tomatoes The rich acidic juices of tomatoes can help you balance the pH of your skin.

For people with dark and rough skin, you can apply tomato to the skin after pounding the tomato juice, leave it for about 15 minutes, and wash it with water, which is very helpful for removing dead skin on the face.

Tomatoes are also vegetables that may be vitamin C. Mix a small amount of honey in the tomato juice and rub it on the face. After 10 minutes, clean it. You can freckle and whiten every day.

 Anti-cancer, give you good appetite, and produce strong anti-aging foods: Oranges are anti-cancer. A medium-sized orange can provide a person with vitamin C needed for a day, and improve the body’s ability to resist bacterial attack.

Oranges can remove free radicals that are harmful to health and inhibit the growth of tumor cells.

The organic acids contained in oranges in citrus fruits can also enhance skin elasticity. Rubbing the face with orange peel every day can smooth the small fine lines on the face.

  Anti-aging food: Eggs Eggs contain almost all the nutrients that the human body needs. One of the longevity experiences of many long-lived elderly people is that they must eat an egg every day.

Eggs also enhance memory and beauty, while egg yolks do not consume vitamin H and can also help us synthesize it.

  Anti-aging foods: Malt reduces the incidence of colon and rectal cancer because it is easily absorbed.

Malt itself is tasteless, so sprinkle it on cereal or add yogurt.

Absolutely, through research and exploration, scientists have introduced some foods, and eating two of the following foods every day can enhance physical fitness and delay aging.

  Anti-aging food: Kiwi kiwi, also known as kiwi, has an average vitamin C content of 95 per kilo.

7 mg, known as the king of fruits.

The vitamin C and vitamin E contained in it not only beautiful the skin, but also have anti-oxidant effect. It can prevent the body from producing excessive peroxides, effectively whiten the skin, eliminate freckles and acne, and enhance the skin’s anti-aging ability.Delays human aging.

  Anti-aging food: Walnuts are good for brains. The nutritional value of a pound of walnuts is equivalent to 5 kg of eggs or 9 kg of milk.

The protein in walnuts has lysine, which is very important for the human body, and is good for the brain.

In addition, walnut contains zinc, manganese, chromium and other irreplaceable trace elements in the human body, which can promote glucose utilization, plasma metabolism and protect cardiovascular function.

Therefore, regular consumption of walnuts can not only keep fit, but also fight aging.

  Anti-aging foods: Mushrooms are rich in nutrients, improve immunity, and are rich in a wealth of nutrients such as inorganic substances, vitamins, and proteins.

Mushroom contains high-grade plant cellulose, which can prevent constipation and reduce the blood plasma level.

Vitamin C in mushrooms is much higher than normal fruits, which can promote the body’s metabolism.

  Anti-aging foods: Chocolate has a sedative effect of happy chocolate. Its taste and taste can also stimulate the happy center in the human brain and make people happy.

As a result of the demineralization of the dental caries, the formation of dental caries, and chocolate can delay this process.

The phenolic compound of chocolate can not only prevent the chocolate itself from being slightly corrupted and acidified, but also can be quickly absorbed by the blood vessels after being ingested into the human body, the antioxidant content in the blood is significantly increased, and it quickly acts as a resistance to stopLDL oxidizes and inhibits the activity of platelets in blood vessels.

These constituents play an important role in keeping blood flow in human blood vessels.