[Can pumpkin and soybeans be eaten together]_ Diet Conditioning _ Diet Taboo

[Can pumpkin and soybeans be eaten together]_ Diet Conditioning _ Diet Taboo

Pumpkin contains a lot of vitamin C and protein, supplementation has too many benefits for the human body, can regulate the human spleen and stomach, clearing heat and detoxifying, and so on.

There are some foods that pumpkins cannot eat, and some red dates, mutton and sweet potatoes can cause some adverse reactions.

Pumpkin and soybean are common vegetables in people’s daily life. Can pumpkin soybean be eaten together?

Soy beans and pumpkins can be eaten together. Here are the specific methods: Prepare the ingredients: 20 grams of pumpkins, 20 grams of soybeans, 60 grams of rice, 800 ml of water1. Prepare all the ingredients, wash the soybeans and rice for later use.

2. Cut the prepared pumpkin into diced shape for later use.

3. Pour all the processed materials into the wall breaking machine and pour water.

4, cover the shell of the wall-breaking machine, select the rice cereal function to start playing pumpkin soybean yellow rice cereal.

5. After squeezing the pumpkin and soybean paste, you can substitute it into the cup.

Pumpkin and red dates can not eat red dates to supplement vitamin C, sweet and warm, more food is easy to indigestion, and pumpkin is warm, at the same time with the exception of vitamin C is destroyed, it will aggravate symptoms such as indigestion.

Pumpkin and mutton cannot be eaten together. Pumpkin and mutton are hot foods, and eating together may cause some bloating, constipation and other diseases.

People with infectious diseases and fever symptoms should not eat to prevent the disease from worsening.

Pumpkin and sweet potatoes cannot be eaten with sweet potatoes. Both pumpkins and sweet potatoes are easily stagnation foods. If they are not cooked, they will cause abdominal distension. If they are eaten at the same time, they will cause flatulence, abdominal pain, and spitting water.

Pumpkins cannot be eaten with vitamin C vegetables and fruits. Vitamin C decomposing enzymes in pumpkins will destroy vitamin C in vegetables and fruits containing vitamin C. At the same time, their nutritional value will be reduced, so they should not be eaten together.

Vitamin C is heat-resistant, and this enzyme is destroyed when the pumpkin is cooked.

Vitamin C dishes: spinach, rapeseed, tomatoes, peppers, pakchoi, cauliflower, etc.

Potential vitamin C fruits: apples, oranges, pears, oranges, strawberries, etc.